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Tales From A Tall Girl

“Woah, you’re tall” a statement I hear too often while just making my way through life. Hi I’m Kelly, your local tall girl and for some reason my height comes as a surprise to many people. Let me just start by clarifying a few things:

  1. Yes, I’m Tall, 6’1″ to be exact
  2. No, I don’t play basketball or volleyball
  3. Yes, It is very difficult finding clothes that fit properly
  4. Yes, I do wear heels on special occasions
  5. I feel bad for the girls that dance behind me in dance class (Sorry ladies)
  6. I don’t fit in a bathtub or regular airplane seats

As I mentioned above, it is damn near impossible to find clothes that fit properly. Why should I have to resort to shopping in the mens section for some things just to ensure length? Even some brands that advertise their apparel in tall sizes just aren’t long enough.

After years of buying, trying and returning, I’ve found a few brands that I know I can count on the fit.

Check out my 5 favorite brands I’ve found fit the best for tall girls like me HERE.

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