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Chick’n’Cone Fort Lauderdale

Today I decided to surprise my husband with a mystery drive to the brand new chicken spot in town Chick’n’Cone. It’s such a cool little spot and I sincerely enjoyed my fun cone filled with chicken. Here’s my straight to the point, honest review of my experience.

This is not paid affiliated. This is from personal experience.

Outside @Chick’n’Cone FTL


920 N Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale 33304

In the same plaza as Glitch Bar in the spot Beer Punx (RIP) used to be.



There’s a good amount of free parking in the plaza and extra free parking available across the street in the giant lot.


Bright, calm, casual order at the cashier vibe.

Simple, Easy to read menu.

Friendly and very helpful staff.

Yella BBQ Cone & Cajun Fries @Chick’n’Cone FTL


Easy to read and not an overwhelming amount of options.

I tried the Buffalo Blue and the Yella BBQ with some Cajun Fries.

The Buffalo blue is just as it sounds: chicken in buffalo with a hint of blue cheese. I really enjoyed this flavor. But I wish I could have tasted the blue cheese more. I hardly noticed it was there. Still very good!

The Yella BBQ was my absolute favorite. This one is a mustard BBQ sauce and it hits the spot in all the right places. Tangy and sweet, just as a mustard BBQ sauce should be.

Top it off with the Cajun Fries. These babies were very tasty. I’m typically someone who doesn’t eat fries or has to drench them in ketchup. But these were great on their own. They are a thick cut fry, not too soggy, not too crispy with a Cajun seasoning that hangs out on your lips for an extra burst of flavor when you lick your lips later.

And the reason we are all here, the cone. This was perfect. Lightly sweet and just soft enough to not fall apart when you bite into it. I was shocked at how easy it was to eat. I honestly expected the cone to fall apart in my hands first bite but we held on strong.


We walked in to be greeted by a friendly face welcoming us to Chick’n’Cone. She asked us if we had been there before and helped us decide what we wanted after we told her it was our first time.

Wait time was no longer than 5 minutes and they walked it up to our table hot and steamy.

Yella BBQ Cone @Chick’n’Cone FTL


I would recommend Chick’n’Cone for anyone looking to try something fun and new, someone who loves chicken and waffles or if you’re working up an appetite playing ski ball over at Glitch Bar. We will definitely be returning.

Have you tried to Chick’n’Cone yet? What did you think?

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