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I tried Boxed Wholesale and here’s my experience

Instagram: @BoxedWholesale

Any affiliated links included below will be tagged with a * symbol. Please note I do not add affiliated links that I wouldn’t personally recommend. This is from personal experience.

I started ordering from Boxed back in 2018 and I was introduced to it through an app called *Ibotta (Referral Code: rqtccbd). An app that lets you earn rewards on a lot of purchases including in-store purchases. Since then, Boxed has unfortunately been removed from Ibottas platform.

Boxed is an online grocery wholesale website that lets you shop in bulk for low prices. It’s almost like an online Costco but the membership is free. They even have their own private label brand called “Prince & Spring”, but we will talk about that more later.

In my 2 years of being a Boxed customer I’ve had some good and some not so good experiences. First and foremost, I was slightly impressed and slightly disappointed in how they handled the beginning of this pandemic as far as supplies go. They started off a little rocky with inventory (as all businesses did) but they seem to have come back pretty strong with most of their products. Now that they are back in their feet inventory-wise. I’m back on the Boxed game. Great recovery!

Instagram @PrinceandSpring

Let’s talk about their private label brand “Prince & Spring”. I’m a big into giving private label brands a shot because most of the time they do it better than the national bands. I’ve tried a few products from Prince & Spring: toilet paper, paper towels, dusters, dish detergent, laundry detergent, gummy snacks, the list goes on and on. There is only one product I just couldn’t deal with and that is the creamy peanut butter. The consistency is basically water and can’t spread on anything. I initially thought it would be a peanut butter that just needs a good stir to get going but no, you can stick your knife straight down to the bottom by just dropping it. No go.

Luckily, Boxed does hold true to exceptional customer service and they refunded what I paid for the peanut butter.

Instagram @BoxedWholesale

I would definitely consider Boxed a good value with quality products and exceptional customer service. Which is everything I look for in a company.

Boxed, you receive a score of 10/10! Stay Amazing!

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