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Unique Etsy Gifts for the Plant Lover (That Aren’t Plants)

JulieRichardCeramist on Etsy

Scroll through to find that perfect gift for your green thumb friend. All bananas aside on this one, just straight to the point.

This is not paid affiliated. This is from personal experience.

This Vintage TV Planter

JulieRichardCeramist on Etsy

A Macrame Plant Shelf

TheRaspberryWillow on Etsy

A Tastefully Risque Planter

PleasurePots on Etsy

A Garden Journal

PaperieGardener on Etsy

House Plant Charms

AnotherStudio on Etsy

This Cute Plant Lover’s Shirt

mintoprint on Etsy

This Personalized Gardening Tool

PersonalizedMemento on Etsy

This Sign to Help Encourage Their Plants

81MetalArt on Etsy

What are some cool things you’ve found on Etsy?

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