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I Got Lip Blushing: Here’s My Experience

I got my lip blushing done by Julie at Jules + Guy Aesthetics located in West Kendall, Florida. She did such an amazing Job, I’m so happy with my results! Not only does she makes the process as easy and pain free as possible but she is truly such a joy to be around. Lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is intended to enhance and even out the color and shape of your natural lip. It is a very natural looking technique.

Please note: although I did receive this service complimentary the intent was not affiliated. I participated as a model for the aesthetician.


Before my appointment Julie instructed me to keep my lips hydrated and to do a sugar & coconut oil scrub at night in the days leading up to my appointment. Be careful not to be too messy with the scrub if you have acne prone skin like I do. I started to break out slightly from this. I was also instructed no alcohol or any type of blood thinners (fish oil, ibuprofen, etc) the night before and no coffee the morning of.

I also chose to take some CBD isolate beforehand to help with the anxiety and pain. I mean…. even though it’s a pretty painless process, it’s still a face tattoo.

Note: This photo was taken at an angle so it looks uneven. I promise they’re even.


We started out by outlining my lips with a red pencil and deciding whether we needed to adjust the shape at all. I personally love my lips and they are a very even shape, so we decided to keep them as they naturally are.

Then, we chose the color. I brought in one of my favorite natural colored lipsticks for us to use as reference, I like a somewhat more mauve less pinky color. While Julie mixed up my color I ran to the restroom. I highly recommend you do this before you start tattooing. I took 1 more bathroom break during the procedure and I noticed my skin was more sensitive after we took a break.

Although the procedure wasn’t what I would call painful, It was definitely uncomfortable. A numbing cream is applied throughout the procedure to help with pain but I had definitely hit my bandwidth within the last 30 minutes. Stick it out, you’re almost done!

All done and swollen


I have naturally pretty big lips so my lips were HUGE when I was done. My husband had a really good time roasting me until my inflammation went down and honestly….I don’t blame him, I looked hilarious. I suggest making your appointment when you don’t have anything going on because I looked like I had an unfortunate amount of lip fillers for 48 hours.

I followed the post-procedure care rules as follows:

  • No Salty, Spicy or Sour foods.
    • I found that bite sized things were easiest to eat because even the thought of stretching my lips to eat something made me cringe. For example, a burger is not going to be an ideal choice, good luck opening your mouth that big (not to mention the salt).
  • Keep your lips dry.
    • If you’re like me you’re going to want to apply Aquaphor right away. Don’t do it, wait until you wake up the next morning to let it scab over. Use a straw for your beverages and avoid your lips when you wash your face.
  • No Sun.
    • You’re not going to want to lay out in the sun since your lips will be sensitive for a little after. But if you’re obsessed with the sun, try to take a little time off until you heal and always wear a hat when when you go outside after they’re healed to keep them fresh.
  • Don’t Pick at your lips.
    • You’re basically going to feel like a reptile molting its skin. Don’t touch it, let it be! If you pull on the skin you risk pulling pigment off with it.
  • No Kissing.
    • Honestly, you’re not going to want anything pushing up against your lips. That first kiss with your S.O. after they’ve healed will be so exciting again!
  • No Sweating.
    • I utilized this week as a rest/reset week since sweating can cause the lines of your lips to blur and will affect the healing process. Just take a break, lifts some light weights and come back stronger the following week.

The above are just a few rules that are important to follow. Please keep in mind I am not trained or licensed in lip blushing and your aesthetician may give you different rules to follow. Listen to them, they know whats best for your skin!

Before, During, Directly After

Day 1

The first 24 hours my lips were very swollen and dark pigment started to form in specific spots around my lips. I, very very, lightly had to clean the inner rim of my lips when I woke up in the morning as I had some of that lovely white morning lip going on. Thank goodness I got this done during the pandemic because my lips have to be covered with a mask when I’m out in public anyways.

My lips were pretty sensitive at this point and it just felt like they were dry. Slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

Day 2

On day 2 I still had a small amount of swelling but not nearly as bad as they have been. Scabbing really started to begin and I felt like I was recovering from a really bad sunburn, but no pain. The color was looking very orangey and much more pink than the color I picked. This is very normal!

Days 3-4

Day 3 and 4 my lips really started to really peel. It was a little hard to eat at this point because the peeling started around the inner rim of my mouth, just be very careful here. It’s very important you don’t pull at the skin because, remember, you’ll risk pulling the pigment with it. Then your touch up will end up being even more tattooing than you want it to be. This was the most exciting part because the true color was really starting to show and I love it!

By the end of day 4 I only had a few parts of my lips that still needed to peel and I was starting to almost feel back to normal.

Days 5-7

Days 5-7 my lips felt soft to the touch but they still felt as if they were healing. Sensitivity was like a mild sunburn almost. The color is really starting to look nice and I’m no longer embarrassed to show them off. I feel confident and I love checking my new look out in the mirror.

Healed Lip Blush

Healed & Next Steps

I’m obsessed with my new lip color! My eye keeps catching them when I look in the mirror and admiring Julies amazing work. Now I have made it my job to keep my lips hydrated and to avoid chewing on them. The next step is going back in 4-6 weeks for a touch-up. Which is still currently pending, I will update after completed.

Have you considered semi permanent makeup?

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