My name is Kelly. I’m a 29-year-old certified VXN instructor, blogger ,and corporate America participant. Welcome to Bananas Aside.

I often find myself scrolling through Pinterest looking for recipes, cleaning hacks, product suggestion or review articles and as a straight, to the point thinker I often feel like a lot of time has been wasted on the extra bullshit, or what I refer to as the “extra bananas”. So I decided to make my own blog, without all of the extra bullshit and leave the bananas aside.

Have you ever read an article titled something similar to “10 Best Products for blah blah blah” and as you’re reading the article got the vibe that some items on the list are only there because they paid for it? or made a recipe that went so horribly wrong you’re not even sure the author even tried the recipe themselves? I’m here to bring you lifestyle content that you can trust.

Everything in this blog is straight to the point, personally tested, and honestly reviewed. All bananas aside. All affiliated content on this site is marked and is on here because I personally believe in it.

Please know I am not here to bash other creators content. I am here to add to the solution of honest content creators.